The Palestinian Ministry of Culture issued a report entitled "Funding Culture in Settlements" showing the interference of the occupation government in employing culture to serve its colonial project in land theft and calling on world countries to boycott cultural activities in settlements.

This report monitors the cultural activities in the settlements over the past five years in an attempt to present a perception about the employment of culture in the settlement project and the violations committed by the occupation through this employment by reviewing what the occupying power and the concerned authorities do in it from the Ministry of Culture and local authorities in the settlements, academies and institutions Civil society efforts to achieve the colonial goals behind the establishment of settlements.

The report indicates that the occupying power has consistently used all means to deepen its occupation of the Palestinian lands and to continue its attacks on unarmed citizens under various claims. In this context, culture is used as a means to incite murder, justify crimes, and reinforce and legitimize the motives of settlers. The cultural center, the cinema, the theater, and the museum are all military barracks in a different way. This requires a firm stance from the international community in general, in order to prevent the cultural act from being contaminated and transformed into a criminal act. In addition to being aware of the seriousness of this hideous employment of culture in the settlement operations. What is required is a firm attitude towards institutions, individuals and cultural goods and denying them any privileges, or dealing with them in festivals and external events, or participating in any activity organized by them and criminalizing that in accordance with the law.
As the report says, the international focus on condemning settlements and the efforts made to refuse to export agricultural and industrial products produced in the settlements to global markets, and what the European Union is doing in this regard must also include cultural products such as films and music and expand them to include all cultural activities there as a matter of cooperation with cultural centers. Technical teams are universities, entertainment centers and activities. These cultural goods and those responsible for them violate international law and must be included in all precautionary and punitive measures.
Dr. Atef Abu Seif, Minister of Culture, says in the introduction to the report, "This report tries to identify what the occupation authorities are doing in exploiting culture in perpetuating their settlement project based on the theft of Palestinian lands and displacement of their residents. And it must be boycotted. All cultural activities in the settlements are nothing but military operations with a different face aimed at legitimizing the illegal act and empowering the invaders from countries that are not theirs. Therefore, this requires an explicit stance from the international community and international cultural institutions. "

After reviewing all aspects of cultural interference in the settlements, including cinemas, museums, cultural centers and festivals, the report outlines a set of observations and recommendations, the most prominent of which are the following:

(1) Cultural activities are part of the process of empowering settlers and encouraging them to remain in and expand settlements at the expense of the Palestinian presence, and every cultural act is used to establish settlement propaganda based on denying the Palestinian existence and justifying the operations of confiscating lands, expelling Palestinians from them, and establishing settlements.

(2) The process of promoting cultural activities in the settlements is part of the right's tendency to impose Israeli sovereignty over those settlements and thus block the way to any real approaches to the two-state solution. The intention is to deal with the settlements just as they do to the towns in the south, in the north, or on the coast. That is, it is part of the occupying power and has the support of other towns.

(3) The Ministry of Culture in the occupying country is the spearhead in promoting these processes of imposing sovereignty and uses its financial resources to achieve this. As usual, competition is one who is more right-wing and extreme than the other. Therefore, there is a need to review the relations of states, especially in Europe, with that ministry, and to stipulate respect for human rights in any relationship with it.

(4) The cultural products that the institutions in the settlements work on are racist and hateful, and far removed from any human, ethical and moral content. This is reflected in the aims of these products or in their content and in the way they are promoted.

(5) Films and orchestras based in settlements are promoted in international festivals without real censorship from the countries in which those festivals are organized.

(6) Cinema and film production in settlements or about life in them have been on the top of the occupation state's list of concerns in recent years due to the ease of promoting cinema in international festivals.

(7) Although the participation of films produced in the settlements in international festivals is a crime, so that the content of these films is not monitored, and international platforms are provided to broadcast racist propaganda that incites the killing of Palestinians without censorship, in what can be considered indirect participation in settler crimes.

(8) Accordingly, controls must be put in place for such participation, and states have a responsibility to ensure that the festivals organized in their territories are not invited to any group, film producer, or production company operating inside the settlements. Agreed standards must be developed to ensure that this does not happen and those who violate such legal safeguards are punished.

(9) East Jerusalem is under a fierce campaign of Judaizing, besieging the Palestinian presence with cultural tools, and imposing activities and activities organized by the occupation municipality by force in the Arab regions.

(10) And perhaps more than anywhere else, culture and its immoral tools are used inhumanely in order to prevent cultural activities even in the mourning homes of writers in East Jerusalem and to encourage community organizations to take advantage of municipality grants to organize activities that are not of a cultural or historical content. Only entertainment activities without any value.

(11) There is what can be called a "museum war" in which the occupying power uses museum materials in order to distort the truth. More precisely, the museums that are established in the settlements are nothing but other tools to deny the Palestinian presence from the narratives about the region besides the east of Palestinian archaeological finds and present them as part of the history of the settlers.

(12) The issue is not limited to cinema and music. Rather, it comes to organizing artistic and entertainment festivals in settlements, in which European artists are invited to participate in them and thus implicate them in supporting settler crimes. There is a need to set controls for these participation and to point out that participating in any festival held on confiscated Palestinian land is a contribution to violating international law.