Today, Sunday morning, the occupation forces demolished 11 commercial and service stalls selling sandwiches, juices and drinks in Anin village, west of Jenin.

Activist Rabah Yassin stated that the occupation forces stormed the village at an early hour and surrounded the Anin boys school area, which is adjacent to the kiosks, and proceeded to demolish it immediately with heavy hand tools, and destroyed its contents, even though they are located within the borders of the village.

Citizen Radhi Yahya Khadour told "Jerusalem" that the occupation is targeting these stalls that were built inside the village to support families without justification.
He pointed out that the soldiers destroyed the contents of the stalls, which caused heavy losses to the owners.

The kiosks are owned by: the brothers Radhi, Mahmoud and Muhammad Yahya Khadour, and the brothers Asaid Yazid, Walid Yusef Issa, Ismail Khalil Yassin and Asim Dawwas Issa, along with the two brothers Hakam and Ashraf Hussein Yassin and Muhammad Nader Issa.

The occupying forces notified the owners of those stalls more than once, and that was about a month ago, then renewed the order two weeks ago, and the last notification was a week ago and threatened to demolish them, until it implemented that this morning.