The occupation army has recently escalated the arrests and attacks on citizens in a number of villages in the West Bank in order to prevent or deter them from confronting settlers who attack their lands or try to establish new outposts on them.

The attacks of reprisals against citizens by the occupation army focused in the towns of Kafr Malik, Al Mughayir and Tirmus Aya in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate. A campaign of arrests was carried out on more than 20 citizens, and a poster was placed on each house in which one of its members was arrested .

Citizen Abdul Jalil Safa (61 years), from Kafr Malik, was severely beaten by both settlers and soldiers. I was severely beaten and almost lost my life by the settlers and soldiers, and had it not been for the intervention of the people, I would not be talking with you now. "
According to human rights organizations, the year 2020 recorded the highest rate of attacks by settlers against Palestinians in 20 years, and this indicates that there is a plan implemented by settlers with the protection of the occupation soldiers that includes seizing the largest area of   land.

Citizen Jihad Abu Ali (45 years), from the town of Mughayer, said: “The forces that participated in the recent arrests campaign in the town can be described as a large-scale operation in which dozens of soldiers and with military reinforcements participated, and they have maps to carry out the arrest at once and not allow any targeted citizen to flee. This is the bill for defending the land, plowing it and staying in it. The occupation went crazy when the people mobilized to defend their land, which is tantamount to their honor, and the agricultural tractors began to plow the target land, so the so-called hillside youth came and set up throwing stones and threatening the owners of agricultural tractors with death to prevent them from plowing the land and spreading seeds Out. "

Abu Alya added: "The fear that was on the part of the citizens forced the occupation and the settlers to retreat, and the occupation came from the gate of mass and intensive detentions to prevent the return of citizens and farmers to defend their land. However, these arrests will increase the adherence of the citizens. The Palestinian does not turn back, as the elderly before Young people are in the field, so that the land is not lost. "

In the town of Turmus Aya, east of Ramallah, the town was attacked by settlers, vehicles were burned in it, lands were confiscated, and bumpy nails were thrown to damage car tires, due to the residents' response to the confiscation attempts.

It is noteworthy that in the villages targeted by settlers and the occupation army, calls have appeared to form committees to protect property and citizens together.

Journalist Alaa al-Rimawi says: “In the town of Turmus Aya and the surrounding areas to the north of the West Bank, 280,000 settlers live, universities and colleges have been established, and when the people and landowners come to defend their land, the direct revenge comes from the occupation and the settlers together, so the occupation wants to inject more settlers into this. The settler finger until their number in the Palestinian areas reaches nearly one million settlers, as stated by the official of the Settlements Council in the West Bank, which considered normalization and export of settlement products to the Gulf countries, a total of three billion dollars will be entered in favor of the settlements, while the Palestinian pays the tax of defending his land by beatings, arrests and displacement. "

It is noteworthy that the Israeli Knesset legalized the seizure of lands for the benefit of settlers with dozens of laws, including the project to seize private lands or lease those lands against their owners.