The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the continuous night raids of Palestinian camps, towns and cities, and the accompanying raids of Palestinian neighborhoods and homes, and the random mass arrests that the occupation forces carry out daily against unarmed Palestinian citizens.

The ministry also condemned, in a statement, today, Friday, the intimidation and provocative attacks that accompany this, through the use of live bullets, sound and gas bombs by the occupation forces during those incursions, which usually take place in the late hours of the night.

The ministry said: What the town of Issawiya has been exposed to for more than a year reflects the ugliness of the occupation and its abuse of everything Palestinian, the latest of which was revealed by the Hebrew media this morning regarding the occupation police and its forces in occupied Jerusalem to arrest a boy from Issawiya at dawn on Thursday, and detain him For a long time, he was chained, beaten, insulted, and electrocuted with an electric gun during his arrest.
She emphasized that the occupation forces have turned Palestinian camps, towns and cities and the whole of the Palestinian land into a field for training, unloading shipments and a culture of hatred and racism for everything that is Palestinian, land, people, stones and trees, so what happened in Issawiya is repeated daily throughout the occupied Palestinian territory as part of a general scene that expresses the barbarity of the occupation and the size The suffering and injustice that befalls our people.

The Ministry held the occupying power, its government and its various branches fully and directly responsible for these violations that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

It also expressed its deep regret at the state of international indifference and indifference towards those crimes, which embody the most egregious violation of human rights principles. Accordingly, the Ministry called on human rights and humanitarian organizations to document these crimes in preparation for submitting them to the competent international courts. He also called on relevant UN organizations and councils, especially those concerned with the rights of the child, to raise their voice in the face of the Israeli torturers, and to take the necessary measures to pressure the occupation authorities to stop their violent isolation of the Palestinian people. This includes accountability and accountability for the perpetrators of these crimes and those behind them, and imposing deterrent penalties on them.