On Thursday, Israeli navy boats attacked with live ammunition several fishing boats in the Palestinian waters north of Gaza City, in addition to attacking livestock farmers, east of Khan Yunis.

And local residents sources said: "The Israeli navy ships carried out numerous shooting attacks on the fishing boats, in the fishing area, near the shore of Gaza City.
Likewise, the occupation soldiers fired live fire in the Palestinian agricultural lands, east of Khan Yunis, which prompted them to leave for fear of the occupation army's targeting.

The fires of the Israeli armed forces pose a real threat to the lives and occupations of Palestinian livestock keepers, herders and workers.

In addition, the Israeli armed forces are continuing attacks and violations that focus on farm owners and Palestinian workers, on lands close to the fence, and fishermen in the territorial waters of Haraza.

These attacks caused many setbacks, despite damaging homes, property and fishing boats, while soldiers also kidnapped many Palestinians and confiscated their boats.