Jenin: Two prisoners from Jenin entered their 19th year in the Israeli occupation prisons.
Yesterday, Friday, the director of the Prisoner Club in Jenin, Montaser Sammour, stated that the two captives, Muhammad Ahmad Naji Abu al-Rub, from the town of Qabatiya in the south, who were sentenced to 30 years in prison, and Hamza Muhammad Abdul Qadir Abu al-Hija from Jenin camp, who were sentenced to 26 years in prison, have entered their 19th year in a row Occupation prisons.
It is reported that the two prisoners, Muhammad Abu al-Rub and Hamza Abu al-Hija, have been detained since January 15, 2003.

The occupation transfers the prisoner, Salim, to the Jalma center

Qalqilya: The Israeli occupation authorities transferred the young prisoner, Omar Hassan Salim, 18, from the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya, to the Jalameh interrogation center.
The Prisoners' Information Office confirmed that the occupation forces arrested Salim, two days ago, while storming the town of Azzun and surrounding his family's home.
The family of the prisoner, Omar Salim, reported that their son was injured in his hand, and they feared that the occupation would exploit his injury during the investigation to convict him.

Prisoners Association: Prisoners of Shata prison complain of a lack of winter clothes

Ramallah: The Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority reported that prisoners of Shata prison complain of a significant shortage of clothes and winter blankets, as their suffering doubles as the winter cold deepens and temperatures drop.
The authority stated in a statement today, Thursday, that the occupation prisons administration, under the pretext of the spread of the "Corona" virus, deprives the families of prisoners of entering winter clothes for them, which caused a severe shortage in them, with the increase in the number of newly detained prisoners.
She emphasized that the occupation continues its policy of disregarding the lives of the prisoners, imposing difficult living conditions on them, and harassing them in all their daily living details.