Today, Friday, the Israeli occupation forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign against a number of citizens, concentrated in villages northeast of Ramallah, and settler attacks and their incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque continued, while a Jerusalemite citizen was forced to demolish his home and a prisoner from Jenin was notified of their home demolition within days.

The occupation forces carried out a widespread campaign of arrests in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, affecting 19 citizens of the villages of Kafr Malik and Al-Mughayir, in the northeast of the governorate.
Security sources said, that the occupation forces stormed the town of Mughayer and raided many homes and arrested 14 citizens before releasing 5 of them at a later time.

In addition, a force of the occupation army stormed the town of Kafr Malik and raided citizens' homes, and arrested 6 citizens.

Likewise, the Israeli occupation forces arrested three young men from the city of Jenin and the village of Sanur, in the south of the governorate.

The prisoner club stated that the occupation forces stormed the village of Sanur and arrested two young men, and raided the house of a citizen and tampered with its contents, while the occupation stormed the eastern neighborhood in Jenin, and arrested the freed prisoner, Muhammad Nassif Ghawadara.

From the village of Beit Ta'amer, east of Bethlehem, the occupation forces arrested the young man, Jamil Muhammad Suman, after they raided and searched his father's house.

Security sources stated that the occupation stormed the areas of Rakhmah, Harmala and Tekoa, and its gardens east of Bethlehem, without any arrests reported.

In the same context, the occupation forces arrested the young man, Abd al-Rahman Saleh, after storming Aqbat Jaber camp, south of Jericho, which led to the outbreak of confrontations during which the occupation fired tear gas canisters towards citizens' homes.

The Israeli occupation forces also arrested the liberated prisoner, Rafat Abu Sharifa, after raiding his house in the eastern neighborhood of Tulkarm.
In the evening, the Israeli occupation forces arrested the young Adnan Abu Al-Hawa, after raiding his house in the town of Al-Tur in occupied Jerusalem.

As for settler violations, settlers burned two vehicles in Turmus Aya, east of Ramallah.

The mayor of Turmus Aya, Wadih Abu Awad, told Wafa that settlers infiltrated the outskirts of the town, burning two vehicles and smashing third windows, in the plains of the eastern town.

He added that the vehicles belonged to citizens Diaa, Abdel-Majid Abu Awad, and they were completely burned, and the other to Awad Ibrahim, and the third whose windows were smashed belonged to Hijaz Abdul Qadir Abu Awad.

On the other hand, settlers stormed the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and performed Talmudic rituals in its eastern courtyards, under the protection of the Israeli occupation police.

The Islamic Endowments Department in occupied Jerusalem reported that 14 settlers carried out provocative tours in the courtyards of Al Aqsa, after they stormed it from the Mughrabi Gate, and performed Talmudic rituals on the eastern side of it, before leaving from Bab Al Silsila.

In the city of Jerusalem, Fawaz Abu Hammad was forced to demolish his house, which had existed for 10 years in the town of Beit Hanina, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Abu Hammad stated that he proceeded to demolish his house, in which 7 people live, and remove the rubble by a decision from the municipality .

Abu Hammad indicated that he built his house with his own hands, and paid building violations amounting to 43,000 shekels.
And years of paying fines without the possibility of a building permit.

In the vicinity of that, the Israeli occupation forces informed the family of the prisoner, Muhammad Marwah, to demolish his house in the village of Tura, southwest of Jenin.

Muayyad, the brother of the prisoner, " Wafa" said that the occupation authorities had notified the demolition of the house during the next week, as the family was informed of the military court’s decision to demolish the two-storey house, measuring 180 square meters, and housing 4 children and their mother.

He pointed out that his brother Murad is serving a prison sentence of six and a half years, while his brother Suleiman and the sons of his aunts Osama, Salah Badran, her surname, Muhammad and Fateh, are still detained and are subject to investigation.