The monitoring and documentation team in the Working Group for Palestinians of Syria revealed that the number of Palestinian refugees who died or whose deaths were reported in 2020 reached (42).

Sources indicated that among the victims (5) refugees died by drowning, (4) during attempts to cross to Greece, and a refugee who spent 2018 was identified in 2020, while (17) people died as a result of hostilities, and 12 refugees died under torture and medical neglect. Among them (3) people died during 2020, while others were reported during the past year, in addition to (8) victims who died due to extrajudicial killings and assassinations.
The working group documented the arrest of (1797) Palestinians in Syria in the security and intelligence branches of the Syrian regime, among them (110) women, in addition to the loss of (330) refugees.

She explained that 4,048 Palestinian refugee victims were documented during the period from March 2011 to December 2020, of whom (620) were refugees under torture in Syrian prisons.