Under the rule of President Hugo Chavez who was elected President of Venezuela in 1998, relations between Israel and Venezuela rapidly deteriorated.
Venezuela also strongly supported the rights of the Palestinians and condemned Israeli actions, and twice expelled the Israeli ambassador to Venezuela (in 2006, during the 2006 Lebanon War, and 2009, in response. On the Gaza war 2008-2009).
Venezuela officially recognized the state of Palestine and established diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority on April 27, 2009.

During the 2006 Israeli-Lebanese conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Chavez expelled the Israeli ambassador to Venezuela and cut economic and military agreements between Venezuela and Israel, as Chavez also compared Israel’s actions to Hitler and the Nazis.
During a visit to both Russia and China in 2006, Chavez called for Israeli leaders to be tried at the International Criminal Court.
In addition, Chavez's rhetoric and rhetorical attacks against Israel have earned him praise throughout the entire Arab world, and since then Venezuela has strengthened its relations with Russia, China, and Iran in order to counter the support Israel receives from the United States.

Also on November 29, 2012, Venezuela voted to join Palestine as an observer member in the United Nations.

President Maduro said: " Venezuela will keep on supporting limitless Palestine, individuals and the authority ".

Maduro stressed the deep bonds of relations between the two peoples and the two countries, as he considered them two brother countries, and the strengthening and expansion of coordination in the field of cooperation between the two countries.
He pointed to the importance of continuing bilateral cooperation projects between the two countries in various fields, including the common interest of Palestine and Venezuela.

In turn, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciated the Venezuelan position that strongly rejects the brutality of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians and the overt theft of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, considering it an additional form of Venezuelan solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause .