The Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights managed to cancel a military order issued by the commander of the Israeli occupation forces in the occupied West Bank.

The military order stipulates the demolition and destruction of the road called "Al-Wadi Al-Shami" road from the lands of Asira Al-Qibliya, south of Nablus, in the northern West Bank.

This came after intensive legal follow-up conducted by the center since October 2020, until the end of last week.

Most of the sections of the "Wadi al-Shami" road have passed through the lands and valleys of the village for decades, and the village council recently initiated its paving, in cooperation between the residents and external donor institutions.
The road is of great importance to farmers and industrial interests in the region, especially the important stone industry, as it constitutes an important alternative to the passage of trucks from the center of the village, thus protecting residents from serious traffic accidents.

The road serves about 200 dunums of land planted with olives, and about 30 industrial and economic workshops established in the area.

The demolition order was issued on October 25, 2020, and it was decided at the time to immediately destroy most of the paved parts, on security grounds.

As a result, the village council and a number of landowners affected by the decision assigned the Jerusalem Center lawyer to follow up the file.

In turn, the legal department at the center submitted the legal objection and the relevant evidence in record time, and formal and objective legal defenses and others related to the rules of international humanitarian law were raised.

In parallel, the center had sent many messages to a group of diplomatic missions, foreign and humanitarian institutions, and the UN operating in the occupied Palestinian territories, calling on them to intervene and apply political and diplomatic pressure to stop the demolition process.

As a result, the occupation returned to the demolition decision and did not renew it later, and this is what was stated in the answer issued by the Office of the Judicial Counselor of the Occupation Army, and humiliation was reported to the Center's lawyer, Wael Abdel-Rahim, who followed the file on 2/19/2021 .