Prisoner Ali Barghout, 25, opened horrific details of his brutal detention experience by the Israeli army.

The Committee for Prisoners and Former Detainees Affairs has documented Ali Barghouti's testimony about his experience since the day of his arrest, January 21, 2020.

Ali said that an Israeli squadron stormed his house, they started calling him using loudspeakers. When he got out, they ordered him to strip and walk towards them to the back. After that, they took him to his yard and began to interrogate and beat him. During interrogation, they suffocated him several times and unleashed the police dogs. The interrogation continued for more than an hour while he was handcuffed, causing him bruises so far.
After being interrogated, he was handed over to the Israeli army. A soldier used a piece of glass to cut the plastic handcuffs on Ali, intentionally wounding him.

After that, he was thrown into a military jeep and taken to the military camp in Beit El. The soldiers kept hitting and kicking him all the way to the camp. He was then taken to the Ofer detention center, before being sent to Section 14 of the same detention facility.

The commission's report stated that most Palestinians arrested by the Israeli authorities are subjected to torture and inhuman treatment. She added that the occupying power uses torture as a tool for revenge and ignores all international laws and human rights principles.