A human rights center said that the Israeli occupation authorities arrested 450 Palestinian citizens in the occupied city of Jerusalem and the West Bank during last January.

The Human Center for Democracy and Rights stated in a statement that "Palestine News" reached on Thursday, that the occupation forces have escalated the pace of arrests, demolitions and confiscations over the past month, and carried out settlement plans and projects, taking advantage of the current crisis and the world's preoccupation with the virus.

He pointed out that settlers also continued their attacks on Palestinian citizens and their property, pointing out that last month, about 450 arrests were recorded, including 20 children and 3 women, in addition to the issuance of about 92 administrative decisions between new and renewal of former detainees in the occupation prisons.
He stated that the occupation forces demolished 22 homes and 36 installations, in addition to a number of settler attacks, which amounted to 120 attacks.

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The center monitored 75 property confiscations and 18 settlement activities and plans during the past month.

He stressed the illegality of settlements, and that what the occupation commits is in violation of international law, and represents a war crime and a crime against humanity.

The Center for Human Rights called on the international and human rights bodies to work hard to defend the rights of the Palestinians, hold the occupation accountable for its crimes, and stop its continuous violations.