The Palestinians do not raise the white flag in front of the attacks of the occupation soldiers against them, which hardly excludes anyone, even if they are far from any friction with the occupation, as happened with the young Abdullah Odeh from the town of Huwara several days ago, while they were on the roads and on their land defending it.

Social networking sites circulated a video clip showing the young editor Abdullah Odeh from the town of Hawara, south of Nablus, shouting at the occupation soldiers while they were pointing their weapons at him and threatening him.

Abdullah Odeh, 34, said: “I was walking in the street and putting headphones on my ears. I replied insulting them. There was a hair between me and the martyrdom, and I did not know that anyone was photographing me from inside a vehicle. "
They were the ones who intercepted me and raised the weapon in my face and insulted me, so I could not remain silent and stood in front of them in the middle of the road." After they asked me to lift my clothes and take off the jacket that I was wearing, without objecting to the remote search, but insulting them to me after that I lost my senses, and had the vehicles not gathered around me and those on the road on the opposite side, they killed me and claimed that I was intending to carry out a stabbing attack. I am ready for every execution that occurs, and I consider that God has given me a new life. "

In the Hebron governorate, Sheikh Masafir Yatta Suleiman al-Hathalin responded to the repeated attacks by the occupation soldiers there.

Sheikh Suleiman Al-Hathalin (70 years old) says: "We will not leave our land, for our presence on the ground is our life, and the old generation before the young is at the forefront, and the press cameras transmit how we challenge them and reject their measures. We have been brought up to protect and preserve our land."

For her part, Hajjah Jazila Shuqair, 77, from the town of Zawiya in the Salfit governorate, said: “I am resisting the occupation alone. Since 2002, when the wall was erected, I stood in front of the large military bulldozer and stopped working until the soldiers came and threatened to kill me, and the route of the wall was changed, in the region after a confrontation between its leaders and the people of my town ".