Haji Ismail Abu Kabbash does not think of leaving Homs, regardless of the circumstances and whatever the challenges. His departure and his neighbors from Homs to the area means the demise of an entire village from the map, and this will not happen according to Abu Kabbash.

Abu Kabbash, whose demolition continues on his speculation, confirmed to "Palestine News" that what is happening in Homs al-Fawqa is an entire village genocide, because what is required is to end the existence of all Palestinian communities that stand in the way of the settlement tide in the area.

Abu Kabbash is stationed in Homs with his children and grandchildren in the open, without caring about what is happening to the occupation army and its vehicles, which demolished their stalls three times in the last week as they prepare for a new demolition within hours, a day or any moment.
Abu Kabbash says that allowing the occupation to implement its plan in Homs and surrender to that means that all the Jordan Valley has been lost, we have tried refuge in the past and we will not repeat the experience, this is our land and we will not leave it.

Abu Kabbash rebuilt his tent and it was demolished, so he rebuilt it and it was demolished, but he stands on the remains of tools and furniture in his tent preparing to build again, and he says we will not leave.

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The situation of Abu Kabbash is not different from the case of Hajj Abu Adnan al-Salamin, as he considers that the battle for the land does not accept compromise, and if the people of Homs are gone, this is a prelude to the deportation of everyone, and at that time no gathering will remain in the Jordan Valley.

Al-Salameen told "Palestine News": The occupation army and the settlers consider the Bedouins to be the first factor of steadfastness in disrupting the settlement project in the Jordan Valley.

With great anger, Aisha Abu Awwad asks, as she tries to protect her three children from the freezing cold after they have become homeless, why is this happening? Aren't we human?

We sleep in the open. We want to live in our homes in safety. No one stands with us. We alone are suffering. They confiscated our water tanks and cars, and they raided us at night under the pretext of training and shot us over our heads, and today they want to deport us".

The official in the Jordan Valley file in Tubas Governorate, Moataz Bisharat, indicates that the occupation plan is to deport the people of Homs, who number about 70, to a site near the village of Ein Shibli, with the aim of seizing lands in the area.

He explains that the Bedouin squares of Hamsa al-Fawqa include about 66 facilities, all of which were demolished as part of the plan to annex the Jordan Valley .