The Israeli occupation forces blew up the home of the family of a Palestinian prisoner, detained in the occupation prisons, accused of killing a settler last December.

The move came a week after the Israeli Court of Justice gave the green light to destroy the two-story building in which Muhammad Marawah Kabha lived, in the village of Tora, southwest of Jenin.

Last Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village and declared it a closed military zone, before they began planting explosives and demolishing the outer walls of the Kabha house, which includes his wife and four children.

The Israeli forces reportedly attacked the local population and prevented them from leaving or entering the village, resulting in an elderly woman suffocating and taking her to hospital for treatment.
The large-scale home demolitions by Israel targeting entire families are unlawful acts of collective punishment and in direct violation of international human rights law.

The governor of Jenin, Akram Rajoub, condemned the occupation’s actions, saying: “This is another crime by the Israeli occupation against our people ... and it will not break our resolve and will.” He announced that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has instructed to provide the family with all the assistance they need to help them recover and lead a decent life, including a place to live.

Data released by the human rights movement, shows that there are 661,000 illegal Israeli settlers living in 132 large settlements and 124 unauthorized outposts (not authorized by the Israeli government) in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.