Hardly a day passes on the occupied city of Jerusalem and its neighborhoods, unless the Israeli occupation authorities deliberately pursue their children and target them with arrest, assault and deliberate abuse at times, and impose deportation, home confinement and high sentences against them at other times, without regard for their childhood and their legitimate rights.

Recently, the occupation forces have arrested dozens of Jerusalemite children, including those who were subjected to harsh interrogations, torture, brutal beatings, and home confinement for varying periods of time, and there are those who lost their eyes and were deprived of their most basic rights, which are guaranteed by international humanitarian law.

Despite what international laws stipulated, specifically the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to protect the rights of children and not to arrest them, the occupation insists on its violation and apparent disregard for these laws, amid international silence and the absence of any protection for them, or the prosecution of its army leaders for committing crimes against them.

Abuse and torture

Maqdisi child Mahad Dari (13 years old) is one of those children who have been subjected to the harshest methods of torture and deliberate abuse by the occupation forces, until the specter of arrest and assault haunts him in his sleep and dreams, which affected his psyche.

On January 28, the occupation forces stormed the home of the Dari family in the village of Issawiya, northeast of Jerusalem, after completely besieging it and brutally blowing up the door, and severely beating and electrocuting the family members, and arrested Mahad and his brother Majd.
And when the occupation forces stormed the house at night, they raided the room of Mahad and his brother Majd while they were sleeping, and beat them on the face, back and head, and they were electrocuted and fell on the ground, and then their hands and feet were cuffed and arrested without allowing them to wear shoes. Says his father, Marwan Dare.

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He added that, "his son was cradled after he was transferred to the Al-Maskobiya investigation center, and he stayed for long hours, handcuffed behind his back and covered with eyes, during which he was pushed, severely beaten, kicked, insulted and insulted, and also during the investigation he was not spared from the assault, without regard to his young age and innocent childhood."

The "Maskobiyya", especially Room (4), is considered one of the worst interrogation centers, and human rights organizations describe it as a "slaughterhouse for Palestinian children," as interrogators master torture of children and exploit their innocence in order to extract confessions from them by force and under pressure.

Deprivation of rights

As for the minor Tayseer Al-Natsheh (17 years old), he tells palestine news agency his experience of being arrested and beaten, saying: “Several months ago, occupation police forces raided the Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood in Silwan, and while I was accompanied by my friends in the neighborhood, the police attacked us in a brutal manner, and we were assaulted And insults and insults at us without knowing the reasons. "

During the investigation, I was also subjected to beatings, insults, and psychological torture. The interrogator charged me with throwing Molotov cocktails at a settlement in Ras al-Amud, and then I was taken to the Al-Maskobiyya detention center, and I stayed there for 14 days. The nurture continues

After 14 days, the occupation authorities transferred the minor Al-Natsheh to "Damoun" prison, and after eight days he was released on the condition of paying a financial guarantee of 3 thousand shekels, the detention of my house open, and deportation to the Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood for a period of 4 months.

For nine months, Al-Natsheh has been in home confinement, and he has never been able to leave his house, see his friends, and practice his life normally like other children and boys, but the occupation authorities allowed him a month ago, to leave for only two hours accompanied by his father.

Al-Natsheh adds that "his arrest and confinement in the home affected him psychologically, physically, and socially as well, because the most severe and severe punishment is for a person to live in his house as a prisoner, and for his family to be guards against him."

Al-Natshe is awaiting his trial session scheduled for next April, after it was postponed several times, for "throwing Molotov cocktails at the settlement of Silwan."

Violation of laws

The head of the Committee for the Families of Jerusalemite Prisoners, Amjad Abu Asab, says that the occupation authorities have failed to subjugate the children of Jerusalem through the use of iron force and more oppression against them, and new procedures have been introduced in targeting, investigation, trial, imposing fines and methods of torture.

He added in his interview to "palestine news" agency that the occupation has lost the element of deterrence in front of these children, and is trying to provoke fear and terror in them and impose control over them through arrest and continuous prosecution.

He points out that there are children who have been subjected to severe beatings and abuse, and that they have been shot directly at their bodies, and have been intimidated, starved and terrorized.

According to Abu Asab, during the year 2020, the occupation forces arrested about 364 children between 12-18 years old, 8 children under 12 years old, and 3 minors.

He explains that the occupation violates international law and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in its dealings with Palestinian minors, and introduces new procedures on international laws that allow it to oppress children, storm their homes in the middle of the night, terrorize them, and even interrogate them without the presence of a lawyer.