The Israeli occupation forces stormed, last night and at dawn today, Saturday, several areas in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, and clashes erupted in some of them.

In Nablus, the occupation forces stormed the eastern region and stationed in the vicinity of Balata and Askar camps and Amman Street.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men while they were near the Beit Furik checkpoint, and local sources indicated that the Israeli occupation forces transferred them to Hawara camp near the checkpoint, while their identities were not known until now.

In a related context, the Israeli occupation soldiers set up a flying checkpoint at the northern entrance to Madama, and Palestinian vehicles were stopped and the identities of the two passengers were checked, which led to a traffic crisis in the place.
In Ramallah, the occupation patrols raided the towns of Bir Zeit and Abu Shkheidem, amid a large deployment of soldiers and combing operations in the area.

In occupied Jerusalem, dozens of civilians, including children and the elderly, suffered from suffocation, as a result of inhaling tear gas fired by the occupation soldiers during clashes that broke out in the Al-Khillah area of ​​the town of Al-Tur "Mount of Olives" in occupied Jerusalem.

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In the West Bank, there are more than 700 military checkpoints, between Thabit and Tayyar, which impede the movement of citizens and make the lives of travelers through them uneasy.

In the vicinity of Nablus alone, there are eight checkpoints, including the two fixed checkpoints of Hawara and Za'tara, in addition to the two checkpoints of Beit Furik, Surra, Shafi Shimron, Al-Batthan, Al-Taneeb and Yitzhar.

The occupation forces are continuing daily raids and searches in separate areas in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, to arrest and terrorize citizens and destroy the contents of their homes.