The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn today, Tuesday, a campaign of arrests in various Palestinian cities in the West Bank.

According to local sources, the number of detainees has reached more than 21 detainees, noting that the occupation forces have carried out incursions into a number of villages and towns in the various governorates, including Ramallah, Jenin, Tubas, Nablus, Hebron, Qalqilya, and Salfit.

Israeli forces carried out arrests in Ramallah. The young man, Wissam Saqr Hanatsheh from Tahta, Diaa Farroukh, and Nassim Odeh, both from Beitunia, and Ata Khattab from Al Irsal neighborhood in the city center, and Fadi Amra from Kafr Malik, who witnessed confrontations with the village youths, wounding two of them. Rubber in their feet.

While the young man, Ahmed Qasrawi, was arrested in the Al-Hindaf area near Jenin camp, while Sheikh Munawar Bisharat and his son Harith were arrested from the village of Tamoun near Tubas.
Other forces arrested three young men: Ahmed Riad Hashash, Ahmed Nasser Hashash, and Saleh Abu Asab from Balata camp in Nablus.

It also arrested Ghassan Muhammad Arziqat, Suhaib Walid Arzikat, and Yusef Abdul Karim Arziqat from Tafouh, west of Hebron, while the two children, Bashar Hassan (15 years), and Nimr Jawabra (16 years), along with Ahmed Badawi and Jamal Jawabra, both of whom were 18 years old were arrested. 1-year-old) after their families' homes were raided and searched in Al-Arroub camp, in the north of the governorate.


Today, Thursday, the occupation forces arrested 9 civilians, including a journalist

While another force detained the young man, Mahmoud Qatmir, from the city of Qalqilya.

In Salfit, a military force arrested the wounded boy, Muhammad Al-Asaad, from the village of Kafeel Haris, who was shot several times in the leg last July by the occupation soldiers.

In the city of Jerusalem, a force of the occupation police arrested a young man, Muhammad al-Jayar.