Yesterday, the Israeli occupation police expelled Khadija Khwais from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week.

The occupation forces arrested Khadija Khwais from Al asbaat gate and took her to Al-Qishla police station in occupied Jerusalem.

The occupation police released Khadija after she handed her a decision to deport her from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week, provided that she would return after the end of the period to renew the deportation.
Today, the occupation forces stormed the house of Al-Maqdisi Muhammad Sidr "Abu Ammar" in the Bab Hatta neighborhood of the Old City in occupied Jerusalem, and searched it carefully and destroyed its contents.

His son, Ammar Sidr, told "Palestine News" that the family was surprised by the storming of the house, searching all its corners and its roof, and scattering its contents without confiscating anything before leaving.

He indicated that it is not the first time that the forces stormed his father's house and searched him in order to harass the family.