The Israeli occupation forces raided this evening, Sunday, Khirbet Humsa Al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley, and began filming the tents.

The official in the Jordan Valley file in Tubas Governorate, Moataz Basharat, said that two patrols of the occupation army stormed the ruins, and the soldiers searched around the tents that were set up after the recent demolition, and the area was filmed by a drone.
Bisharat added that the occupation army threatened the residents if they did not leave the area, that it would demolish the ruin again tonight or tomorrow morning.

It is noteworthy that on the third of this month, the occupation destroyed the ruins, demolished their homes and flattened them to the ground, and left more than 14 families in the open without shelter, knowing that it was the third time that the occupation forces demolished and destroyed the ruin, as an integral part of an expansionist colonial scheme aimed at annexing And the families of the occupied Jordan Valley in favor of settlement .