The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the International Criminal Prosecutor to quickly announce the opening of an official investigation into the crimes of the occupation and its settlers, in order to achieve accountability and prosecution of the Israeli war criminals.

The claim comes in light of the dangerous escalation in the demolition of Palestinian homes and installations since the beginning of this year.

In a statement today, Saturday, the ministry considered the demolitions a "war crime" and a "crime against humanity", for which international law will be held accountable. It is one of the most heinous violations and crimes that have devastating effects and consequences on the lives of Palestinian citizens, their economy and the future of their children.
And she continued: The demolitions include the majority of the occupied Palestinian land, according to reports of local, Israeli, regional and international human rights and humanitarian organizations, and are mainly concentrated in occupied Jerusalem and its surroundings, and in the Jordan Valley, leaving no room for doubt that the occupation state is proceeding with the Judaization and captivity of Jerusalem and its separation from its Palestinian surroundings, And the annexation of the occupied Jordan Valley and the areas classified "C", and the imposition of Israeli law on them, with false and different pretexts and pretexts that are completely inconsistent with international law, international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions.

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She said that the international community’s contentment with some formal statements of condemnation of the crimes of the Israeli occupation authorities in demolishing homes and displacing Palestinians constitutes real collusion with the occupation and its crimes and violations, especially as those countries are well aware that Israel (the occupying power) is coexisting with shy international reactions, and is disdainful of them, and not You evaluate her for any weight.

The ministry held the Israeli government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, fully and directly responsible for these heinous crimes, and it also held the international community fully responsible for its failure and silence on these crimes .