Today, Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned what it described as the "sinful attack" committed by an extremist settler at one of the doors of the Roman Orthodox Church in the Al-Misrara area in central occupied Jerusalem.

The ministry said in a statement that this attack expresses the extent of widespread hatred and racism in the occupation state, and the continuous targeting of Islamic and Christian places of worship in Jerusalem, especially as it is not the first attack but rather a link in a long series of crimes of the occupation and its settlers against holy sites in Jerusalem, with the aim of restricting And denying worshipers access to it in preparation for Judaization, as is already the case against the Temple Mount.
The ministry added that "the settler's breaking the lock of one of the doors of the church and a camera installed in the place is clear evidence of his intention and behind him to carry out the most heinous attacks and crimes against the church."

The Ministry affirmed that the settlers' continuous attacks against the Palestinian people, their land, holy sites, properties, homes and crops are carried out with the protection, support, support and financing of the occupation state and its various branches, which led to the spread of settler terrorist organizations and their wide spread in the mountains and hills of the occupied West Bank, and also led to the expansion of their attacks against Palestinian citizens and their sanctities .

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The Ministry held the Israeli government fully and directly responsible for this attack and other crimes of the settlers, calling on specialized regional and international organizations, including Islamic and ecclesiastical institutions, to move quickly to provide protection for holy sites.

In its statement, the Ministry affirmed that it follows up all these violations and crimes and submits identical reports and messages about them to the International Criminal Court, UN officials and their counterparts in different countries, so that the international community should assume its responsibilities in protecting our people, its land and its sanctities, and imposing sanctions on the occupying power, settler organizations and its terrorist elements, As stated in the statement .