Today, Thursday, the Prisoners Center for Studies called on the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the Palestinian, Arab and international humanitarian and human rights institutions to put pressure on the occupation to save the lives of the Palestinian prisoners with cancer in the prisons of the Israeli occupation.

The Center called, in a statement on the occasion of World Cancer Day, which falls on February 4 of each year, to oblige the occupation authorities to act according to the articles and clauses of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law with regard to the prisoners ’basic and human rights, especially in the matter of care and care. Health, providing treatments and medical follow-up.
Raafat Hamdouneh, Director of the Prisoners Center for Studies, warned of the danger posed to cancer patients in the occupation prisons, which numbered 11 prisoners, according to the statistics of the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority.

Hamdouna pointed out that the case of the prisoner Hussain Masalmeh suffers from leukemia, and is being held in Soroka Hospital and faces a critical health condition, since his cancer was announced last January, pointing out that the Occupation Court has delayed the early release of the sick prisoner. Despite his critical health.