The prisoners in "Ofer" prison decided to continue their protest steps that they started, after the dialogue session with the prison administration failed. Their steps are mainly to return meals.

The Prisoner's Club stated in a statement today that the prison administration is in an escalating step, and instead of responding to the prisoners' demands, on top of which is to stop the frequent raids and inspections.

The prisoners of "Ofer" prison announced yesterday the initiation of protest steps, rejecting the abusive policies that the prison administration implements against them, especially the frequent incursions and searches, which have significantly escalated recently, as well as for demands to improve their detention conditions, and to provide some needs, including clothes and basic needs. For the newly arrested, especially with the recent escalation of arrests.
It is noteworthy that since the beginning of this year, prisoners in "Ofer" prison have been subjected to widespread and repeated incursions and searches, the most violent of which took place on the sixth of last January.

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It is noteworthy that the occupation prisons administration escalated the repeated and systematic operations of repression and searches to abuse prisoners, impose more control and oversight on them, and hit any "stability" situation within the departments, since the beginning of 2019, and compared to previous years, the repression forces carried out incursions that were the most violent since For more than ten years, and among the prisons in which the prisoners were subjected to the most violent repression was "Ofer" prison, during which dozens of prisoners were injured with various injuries.