On Tuesday evening, the Israeli army arrested the freed prisoner, Majd Barbar, after storming his home in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, after releasing him on Monday and ending his 20-year sentence.

Local sources said that the Israeli forces arrested the 45-year-old prisoner, Barbar, after storming his house and beating and pushing those present in it, while stun grenades were fired at the place.
Earlier in the day, Israeli forces stormed the Al-Hamra Palace hall in the town of Al-Eizariya, south of Jerusalem, and prevented the family of the freed prisoner, Majd Barbar, from organizing a reception for him.

The authorities had arrested Barbar after his release last Monday, in front of the Negev desert prison, and took him for investigation in Al-Maskobiyya, but released him hours later.

It is worth noting that the Israeli authorities arrested Majd Barbar in March 2001.