The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the settlers' assault on the Romanian Church in occupied Jerusalem.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press statement today, Wednesday, that the Israeli government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, is fully responsible for this attack, and for the escalation in targeting holy sites, Christian and Islamic places of worship and freedom to access them, as well as targeting dozens of religious, archaeological and historical sites and sites along the West Bank .

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And it considered that these attacks represent an explicit call for religious war to conceal the political nature of the conflict, and called on the international community and the relevant United Nations organizations to move quickly to provide international protection for our people in general and for Christians, Islamic holy places, in particular, including ensuring freedom of worship and the right of worshipers to access them as a fundamental principle of rights. As an important part of the Geneva Conventions, the occupying power must abide by them.

Yesterday, settlers set fire to the entrance to the monastery of the Roman Church in Jerusalem, which was the fourth attack on the same church in less than a month.