Gaza - Palestine News - Today, Tuesday, the Palestinians mark the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

The events of this day go back to the year 1976, after the Israeli occupation authorities seized thousands of dunams of Palestinian lands inside the territories of the year 48, and a general strike took place, and marches from the Galilee to the Negev broke out, and clashes broke out that resulted in the death of six Palestinians, and the injury and arrest of hundreds.
As for the spark that ignited the Arab masses on Land Day, the occupation authorities seized about 21 thousand dunums of lands from a number of Arab villages in the Galilee, including Arrabah, Sakhnin, Deir Hanna, Arab Al-Sawad, and others in 1976. This was because it was designated for the establishment of more settlements, within the scope of the plan to Judaize the Galilee, and empty it of its Arab residents, which led to the announcement of the Palestinians at home, especially those directly affected, the general strike on the 30th of March.

On this day, the cities, villages of Galilee, and the Triangle struck a general strike, and the occupation tried to break the strike by force, which led to a clash between the citizens and the occupation forces, the fiercest of which were in the villages of Sakhnin, Araba and Deir Hanna.

The Palestinians believe that commemorating the "Earth Day memorial" is not just a recounting of historical events, but rather a new battle in a continuous war to restore Palestinian rights.

Since 1976, Land Day has become a national day in the life of the Palestinian people, inside and outside Palestine, and on this occasion many Palestinian popular movements are witnessing the unity of our people and their right to their land, despite the ferocity and arrogance of the occupation.

In the same context ... Fatah affirmed in a statement on the occasion of the anniversary, that "the land is the essence of the conflict, and that our people will continue their steadfastness on the land of their historic homeland, Palestine, and make all sacrifices in order to liberate it from the Israeli occupation," stressing that "the struggle of our people The Palestinian will not stop until the realization of his freedom on his land ".