The Spanish newspaper "Publicko" revealed the scandal of the fraudulent subjection of a Palestinian journalist to interrogation by the Israeli General Security Agency "Mossad" inside the headquarters of the Spanish Security Information Service in Madrid.

The newspaper published a lengthy report on the subjecting of journalist Moaz Hamed to an investigation by the Mossad at a security headquarters in Spain, stressing that this "big scandal" would have wide repercussions.

Moaz Hamed is a Palestinian refugee journalist in Spain, who lives with his wife and two children in Limoa and settled in the small Basque town.
According to the newspaper, Hamed felt that he had finally found a place to live in peace with his family, after a life marked by persecution, imprisonment and oppression by the Israeli government.

Hamed confirmed that the Israeli Intelligence Service interrogated him and threatened him with a meeting organized by agents of the Civil Guard Intelligence Service at the headquarters of the Armed Institute.

He said: "The feeling of security completely disappeared on February 11 at six o'clock in the afternoon when I was placed in an isolated room in the Civil Guard barracks on Batala del Salado Street in the heart of Madrid."

Hamed explained that the Civil Guard placed him on that day at the disposal of a Mossad agent, who subjected him to secret interrogation and threatened him.

He mentioned that the origin of the story dates back to December 9, when he received the first phone call from Nicholas, an agent of the Civil Guard Information Services stationed in the Basque Country.

He mentioned that he wanted to "drink coffee" and talk to me about his work as a journalist, his past and his life in Spain, noting that it is a common procedure of Spanish information services with refugees and immigrants.

He added, "I understood that he was doing his job and I had nothing to hide, so I said yes (..) I was received by Nicholas, who was in his forties, in civilian clothes, under the command of the Civil Guard in Vizcaya, near Salby Square in Bilbao."

Hamed continued, "In a room on the fifth floor, Javier was waiting for them, another customer of the same service, with blue eyes, a small figure, a prominent stomach and fluent in the English language."

The newspaper said that Moaz answered their questions and explained why he applied for asylum in Spain, and how he managed to leave Palestine and crossed through Turkey.