The young Jerusalemite Nidal Abboud does not tire and does not tire of defending the homeland, and how not when his father chose the name Nidal for him, and he was brought up on the stories of the martyrs defending the Palestinian land, which was watered with the blood of heroes.

Last Thursday was a witness to the struggle of the Christian young man, Nidal Abboud, and new evidence of his love for the soil of his homeland. As soon as the spark of confrontations erupted between the occupation forces and the Jerusalemites, after calls by extremist Jewish groups to rally in front of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and attack the Palestinians, until the rows advanced, calling for the occupation to leave, raising Slogan "United Against the Occupation".
Although the confrontations erupted after the end of the Tarawih prayers, and continued until the early morning hours in the various neighborhoods of the Holy City, especially those bordering West Jerusalem, such as Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Misarara, French Hill and Wadi Al-Jouz, the young Al-Maqdisi, who ran on the future list for the Legislative Council elections, carried his stones armed. With the cross and the Holy Bible intent on providing for the Holy City with all his might.

The clashes in the Holy City revealed Abboud's jealousy for his town, and the young man appeared severely beaten, and a battalion of more than 5 soldiers of the occupation army took him away from the middle of the clashes that erupted and escalated in the streets of Jerusalem after a series of incidents of ethnic hatred Among the ultra-Orthodox Jews and the Palestinians, where the extremist Jews refuse to celebrate the usual Ramadan nights in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, outside the borders of the Damascus Gate.
Abboud was born in Jerusalem and raised in its old alleys. It is not strange for him to have the Al-Aqsa Mosque, for it is part of the land he loves, so how can he say, “I was born to the sound of the call to prayer and the church bells”.

In a previous interview, he confirmed that the worshipers of the Al-Aqsa Mosque entered the mosque before, and participated in Ramadan evenings, saying: "I used to distribute water and eat to the Saimin, and participated in cleaning the mosque ".

Abboud talks about his participation in religious events, and he does not find it strange, saying: "I am with the love of religions, the prayer ends, and with it the clashes begin, so he says  Abboud, oh my God," Protect Jerusalem and its people ".
Abboud affirmed that the occupation deals with the Palestinians as terrorists, stressing that he did not feel fear while sharing their prayers at Al-Aqsa and praying the Gospel among Muslims, adding, " On my own, you and God are with us all ".