At dawn on Friday, the Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests in separate areas of the occupied West Bank, affecting seven citizens from the areas of Bethlehem, Jenin, Nablus and Hebron.

The "Palestine News" correspondent reported that the occupation forces had arrested Raed Abayat from Abu Fariha district of Bethlehem, in the south of the occupied West Bank.

And local sources were quoted as saying that the occupation forces stormed the Abu Freiha area and arrested the young man, Abayat, after raiding and searching his home.
The occupation forces also stormed several houses in the town of Al-Khader, south of the governorate, from which the house of citizen Ammar Adeeb Musa was known and detained for two hours, in addition to raided the homes of his brothers Mahmoud, Muhammad and Ahmed, and searched them and tampered with their contents.

In the context, the occupation forces arrested the two young men Muhammad Ghassan Mansour (19 years) and Ahmed Iyad al-Saadi (19 years), after they stormed their parents' house in Sabah al-Khair and Nablus Street in Jenin.

The occupation forces also arrested Rizk Al-Rajoub (63 years old) after they raided and searched his home in the Krisa area in the town of Dura in Hebron.

Meanwhile, the "Palestine News" correspondent reported the arrest of three young men from the village of Iraq Burin, south of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank.

And local sources were quoted as saying that a large force of the occupation army stormed the village late at night and raided a number of houses, and arrested the young men Amr Gibran Qadoos, Usama Muhammad Qa'dan, and Ahmed Mahmoud Abdel Qader Qadous.