On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of citizens buried the body of the martyr Muhammad Munir Al-Tamimi (16 years old) in the village of Deir Nidham, west of Ramallah, in the central occupied West Bank.

Al-Tamimi was martyred during clashes with the Israeli occupation in the neighboring village of Al-Nabi Saleh yesterday afternoon, after an infantry force stormed the village.

The occupation soldiers fired live bullets at him from a close range, which led to him being critically injured. He was transferred to Salfit Hospital, after he could not be transferred to Ramallah Hospital after the occupation closed the iron gate located at the eastern entrance to the village.

During the night, the Ministry of Health announced the death of Al-Tamimi, as he was transferred from Salfit Hospital to Ramallah Governmental Hospital.

The funeral procession started from the hospital with a portable march towards Deir Nidham village, and the people gave a farewell look at his body.

Citizens will perform the funeral prayer over the body in the village mosque, and then march to the cemetery.

And the occupation forces sent military reinforcements to the vicinity of Deir Nidham village, and deployed a number of military patrols in the northern and eastern regions, in anticipation of clashes following Tamimi's funeral.